guinea_piglet (guinea_piglet) wrote in refashion,

Country dress & jeans into skirt

I got this dress in a second hand because I liked the pattern (I guess that's called mille fleure?) It even fitted me well, but I looked like my granny in her twenties:) The dress was really old-fashioned, so I turned it into a skirt.

I guess it very well known way to refashion old jeans, but I tried it first time. I cut my jeans (no before pidture) about 2 cm under the zipper and attached the bottom part of the dress to it. I didn't change anything, so I had to do only one single seam.

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Yes, I still keep the top part, because I like the fabric. I'm going to make something wearable from it. Thanks for ideas!
it looks really comfy. i might have to try something like this :D
awesome idea. i have a lot of unflattering dresses i could do that with.
also, totally off topic, i love your hair. :]
Thanks! Honestly, my hair is a total pain. T_T It's all wavy and puffy and takes a lot of time even to brush it. So three days ago I got my hair straightened, and it behaves now :)
Totally offtopic too, I love your username ;)
oh, thats so cute! nice work
Thank you!