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actually. years later... i'm kempt.

Properly fraying the knees on jeans

Hi, I'm brand-new here. I was going to post my question to t_shirt_surgery but thought better of it and looked for a more relevant community. Hope you folks can help!

For Halloween, my SO and I are going to be Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World. He went and bought jeans from Target and slit the knees. Of course, if he'd have asked me first, I'd have said go to the Salvation Army or ask around and get some worn jeans with holey knees instead - they'd have been cheaper, and had knees the way they're supposed to be. So now we've got jeans with these sterile knee slits and while I know how to fray denim by pulling the white threads, I have no idea how to make them look naturally knee-worn, know what I mean? Like this:

Suggestions? TIA!
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