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A coat for the... waist?

I found this pattern free and decided to have my way with it.

Material was about 3 euro in a second hand shop, came as a 1.5 m square. Kind of looks like a granny skirt or tablecloth.

I'm not mad about sleevelessness. So I just ram "sleeves" onto everything. The sleeves on this turned out a bit longer than expected, but who cares.

Modeled by, eh, me.

Again, either very respectable and dandyfied with a shirt underneath, or extremely, gloriously slutty without. Yay.

And I spent an extra two hours or so making the surgeon's cuffs. Cos I like buttons that much.

And I recommend having a rummage around here and here. Free patterns are a bitch to find online.

A question: what's the best thing for painting/customising leather? I have a pair of old boots I haven't worn in years that need fucking up, they're dark brown. 
Is normal spraypaint permanent on leather? I don't want the colours running off as soon as it starts to rain.
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